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Survivors, Inc. Gettysburg, PA - How You Can Help
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Survivors can always use volunteers to help in all levels of our organization.  If you would like to give your time and effort to help Survivors, Inc there are many ways this can be done.  We encourage individuals with specialized skills in website design, household repair, article writing, and a variety of other areas to let us know how you would like to help. 

You can contact our administrative offices at (717) 334-0589 to get more information.  


Here are some ongoing programs which benefit Survivors:  

Counselor Advocate Training Courses

To volunteer in our shelter you must successfully complete 64 hours of training as a Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Counselor Advocate as per 23 PaCSA 6116 (A domestic violence counselor/advocate may accompany a party to any legal proceeding or hearing under this chapter) and 42 PaCSA 5945.1(Confidential communications with sexual assault counselors). Training services for direct service volunteers are held in the spring and in the fall of each year.

Completing the Counselor Advocate Training Allows Volunteers to:

- Helping with child care at domestic violence or sexual assault support groups.
- Taking hotline calls and providing crisis intervention and options/peer counseling.
- Co-facilitate domestic violence group, sexual assault group, children's groups, or the prison group.
- Provide accompaniment through the legal, judicial, and medical systems.
- Providing transportation from neutral locations to service provision meeting.
- Contacting police, district justices, and the hospital or on-call district attorney on behalf of survivors of sexual assault or domestic violence.
- Contacting on-call staff regarding shelter accommodations and information on emergency PFA's.


Safe Pets Program

Thank you to the ASPCA staff and those who have generously volunteered to share their homes and hearts with animals who also need respite from abuse.  We have had consistent and increasing need for pet foster homes.

As we know all too well– abusers often use animal companions to control those they abuse, and the animals will pay a heavy price, including maiming or death, if left behind when the woman flees her abusive situation.  Many are forced to stay in an abusive relationship to protect their animals.  Most shelters cannot house companion animals, so foster homes are desperately needed.  Foster homes do not assume ownership of the pet, and the pet will be reunited with the owner upon request.

For more information– please contact either Lisa Conklin at the ASPCA or Terri at Survivors, Inc.  Terri can be reached via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Cell Phone Collection Program

We are also collecting wireless (cellular) phones that are no longer being used in order for those living with domestic violence to call 911. Even if the phones are no longer connected, 9-1-1 calls are still enabled on the phones."Drop Boxes" will be available in neighborhood locations or Survivors, Inc. Office.

You may also start a box in your business, and when it is full, please call 334-0589 to arrange pick up.


Vehicle Donation Program

Many of us find ourselves in the position of having a vehicle we no longer need. Vehicle donation is a wonderful option for those who do not want to go through the hassle of selling their vehicle, and want to give back to their community. Survivors, through the York Springs Auto Auction Donation Program, is taking donated vehicles of all makes and models. Running and non-running vehicles are all accepted, as well as vans, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, boats, and heavy equipment. For more information about the program you can contact our administrative offices, or York Springs Auto Auction directly. For your convenience the donation process also can be done on their website. Be sure to make Survivors your donation cause!

Contact to Donate: (717) 258-8486 / (800) 222-2038 /














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